The fire that is the central light and life-force of the home. "Hearth" also contains the words Heart, Earth, and Art, which each connect to the work I do.

  • I support you in leading with your Heart in how you speak and listen.

  • I support you in re-connecting to your inherent belonging to the Earth.

  • I support you in mastering the Art of relating.


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From Re-: "again" and -vivere: "to live"


As a facilitator, coach, and mediator, I support you in identifying your deeper needs and unwinding the parts of you that are blocking you from living your most alive and aligned life.




/ˈlinēij /


lineal descent through ancestry, cultural and spiritual practices, mentorship and training.

I acknowledge and honor all the labor, struggle, and genius that has come before me in all of my areas of practice.


My work and worldview is inspired and influenced by adrienne maree brown, Joanna Macy, Tyson Yunkaporta, Miki Kashtan, Prentis Hemphill, Rev. angel Kyoto williams, bell hooks, Resmaa Menakem, Charles Eisenstein, Kazu Haga, Mariame Kaba, Robin Wall Kimmerer, Martin Luther King Jr., and Gandhi, among many others.

Education and Experience:

I received my formal education at UC Berkeley majoring in Philosophy, with a focus on ethics, social justice, and philosophy of race and gender.

During my time at Berkeley I also worked as a Consent Educator at the Berkeley Student Cooperatives, and have since hosted Consent and Connection Workshops at several community gatherings and festivals, including Beloved Festival.



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I share a portion of the financial abundance that I receive with African heritage and Indigenous peoples, as a practice of reparations and a commitment to collective liberation.

I put aside a generous 25% of my income for my taxes and then after I file I will donate what remains (amounting to ~10% of my income) to a grassroots Black or Indigenous led organization, and I will share my donation receipt publicly on my social media.



I am deeply inspired by the Gift Economy as an economic model that aligns us with the generosity of the earth, who gives freely without expecting to receive in direct exchange. I currently do not offer my work on a pure Gift Economy model because I currently need a more reliable income to survive within capitalism, and my prices help communicate the value of what I offer.


I still live in the spirit of the Gift Economy in many areas of my life, and highly value accessibility within my business - I never want money to prevent you from accessing what I offer.


I currently live this value by offering my one-time Workshops by suggested donation with no one turned away for lack of funds, and offering scholarships for all of my Deep Dives and Courses.


Additionally, if a monetary contribution is inaccessible to you but you have supportive services (massage, coaching, acupuncture) or other non-monetary gifts to offer, I am always open to having conversations about creative resources flows. 




I honor and value the power of relationship to support us all in being able to live our gifts and have our needs met. 


If you refer someone to me who signs up for either a coaching package or a course, I will gift you with 1 FREE Coaching session OR $100 off of a Mediation session, which you can use yourself or gift to someone else.